Breaking through society's firewall

Tourette Syndrome affects the lives of over 300,000 people in the UK, but public awareness is very low – and often ill-informed. Those affected by it can suffer from extreme and involuntary symptoms, which are commonly misunderstood as anti-social behaviour. In the worst cases, this sadly leads to complete social exclusion as sufferers become ‘filtered out’ by an intolerant society.

To re-educate and raise awareness of Tourette Syndrome, LIDA created a controversial email that couldn’t be ignored and quite literally broke through barriers.


The copy had offensive words throughout it, but these were cleverly inverted so they couldn’t be blocked by mail filters and firewalls. The emails were then sent to key influencers and bloggers, and made shareable through social channels to help it to go viral. Email tracking showed the forward rate to be 20% and the hashtag gained over 85,000 impressions and more than doubled the charity’s engagement rate on their key social channels.